Travel Photography

Travel photography is a way for me to share my own experience of culture and people to my audience; it's also a way for me to document my life for a moment of reflection later on. I love looking at old photos and reliving the emotions they bring back to me. Today, social media is saturated with meticulously perfected images upholding someone else's ideal beauty standards, but there is a greater value in portraying the unfiltered lives of people and places around the world.


Iceland: Undisturbed Beauty

Iceland is one of my favorite countries and it's my dream to travel around the island to experience every nook and cranny. It's a magical place filled with natural beauty and wonder. I captured some of my experience wandering through Golden Circle and Reykjavik.


Nicaragua: Stills From Life

I was helping a friend and chef gather some BTS footage for her food + VR project. I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse into the lifestyles of the locals harvesting coffee in the mountains of Matagalpa to fishermen from nearby towns around Casares beach.


Taiwan: Three Cities

Thanks to EVA Air, I flew out to Taiwan to experience three distinct cities: Taipei, Hualien, and Jiufen. Each city had different experiences to offer and I highly recommend each city to anyone looking for recommendations.