Food Photography

Developing a project's concept includes research, buying props, food styling, plating, and location scouting in addition to the lengthy post-production process. It's important to bring out the right colors of the ingredients for an appetizing look. Every parsley flake and cookie crumb has its own purposeful place.


Dark and Moody

Working with a Selina Lee, a food stylist, we tackled food photography in a dark room. My goal was to capture dishes without losing the vibrant colors. We created our own light source and went for a chiaroscuro inspired look.


Natural and Bright

Shooting in natural light is my favorite way to capture food photography. I focused on getting a clean and crisp look of the colorful dishes with lots of texture.


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I love working with brands that resonate with my personal beliefs and interests. I've been fortunate to work with consumer food products and food-related event producers to create content.