Event + Portrait Photography

Event and portrait photography has helped me improve my adaptability under a variety of lighting and spacial circumstances. Working with yellow indoor lighting can be a challenge on skin tones and harsh natural lighting can blow out the details in an image. But they were great to help me move forward in my craft and learn along the way. 


Blog Party: Capturing Interactions

Blog Party is a networking event for Bay Area creatives to mingle and exchange ideas. Events were usually hosted at a retail store or a company's HQ.


Banchan Workshops: Korean Cooking

I've worked on capturing a lot of the Banchan Workshops led by Selina Lee and every one of them has been an enjoyable project. This series included both indoor and outdoor venues.


Portrait Photography: Fashion Bloggers

I love doing photoshoots for local fashion bloggers because it's always a fun experience. I'm constantly scouting for good locations around SF to recommend to my clients.